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  • Grab your coffee and a snack and enjoy GLMS’ 2021 Mid-term Monitoring and Intelligence Report!  We are delighted to share several activities in which our members and GLMS have participated, enhancing the quality of sports betting, facilitating the prevention, detection and monitoring of sports integrity.Key facts and figures
    Our team and platform generated a number of alerts, explaining odds movements so that members and partners can better evaluate the trends and activities before taking action. We also provided in-depth education tours and workshops on our platform and related operational activities to our members as well as valued partners and country beneficiaries of our partner projects. In the report, we break down the 680 alerts and notifications for 10 sports, that were generated by our platform. We also conducted our very first internal adhoc working group for our lottery members on monitoring and analysing the integrity of the UEFA Men’s European Football championship and worked simultaneously with UEFA in a multistakeholder working group. The report also includes our main highlights from the last few months, namely policy work with the UNODC and Council of Europe, as well as the successful close of our first partner project, Integrisport. Enjoy interviews with our Uruguayan member, La Banca and with our partner, the IOC, as well as a showcase of our supplier members, IGT, Intralot, Scientific Games and Sporting Solutions!

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