Education & Prevention

Education and prevention is the easiest but probably most efficient way to fight against the phenomenon. Match-fixing is a threat for all sports, all athletes, officials, etc. This is why it is really important and crucial that educational programmes reach out to all athletes and relevant stakeholders.

Lotteries – even before the creation of the GLMS have been very active in this field.

Education and prevention – as also required by the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions – is of pivotal importance for the overall fight against the phenomenon. Building upon the relevant expertise of its staff members, GLMS will has produced for its Members, tools that can be used by GLMS Members at a national level, in cooperation with their national stakeholders. These tools include a full educational module for athletes and players officials, tools for younger athletes with the objective to disseminate a general culture of integrity. National workshops can be also organized by GLMS on request by a GLMS member. This service seeks to support GLMS Members in materializing their commitment towards society, but also further strengthen their relations with their national stakeholders. This is a service that can be particularly of relevance for Members only offering pari-mutuel sports betting.

Education & Prevention campaigns:

Certain GLMS members, like Danske Spil, have already started tailoring the GLMS educational tools for building up a national educational programme. GLMS Members are highly encouraged to get in touch with the GLMS General Secretariat about the possibilities of further tailoring the educational programme of GLMS as well as organising educational events jointly with GLMS at a national level.

Beyond the further tools that GLMS shall be working on for the benefit of its Members and partners, it shall organise on a regular basis educational events with the purpose to further share best practices in view of Lotteries disseminating a culture of integrity at a national level and strengthening the bonds between Lotteries and the sport world. A relevant educational event was organised on 29 January 2019 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne with the participation of more than 80 Lotteries and sport federations.