“Keep Crime out of Sport – fight against the manipulation of sports competitions 2018-2020” (KCOOS+) is the Council of Europe’s global project fostering the compliance and implementation of the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions.

KCOOS+ builds on the results of the CoE/EU Joint KCOOS project, which ran from January 2016 to June 2017 (www.coe.int/sport/kcoos). It enables field activities assisting beneficiary countries with setting up efficient structures and procedures in order to ensure sustained cooperation between national institutions, regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, sports governing bodies, and sport betting operators, thus:

  • Enhancing co-operation and communication between countries and stakeholders;
  • Either assisting with compliance for those that have ratified;
  • Assisting with implementation , encouraging the recognition of the need for the Convention and thus supporting the need for ratification;
  • Taking into account the current situation, seizing opportunities, building and/or sustaining existing collaborations with other projects and partners.

KCOOS+ is based on the Council of Europe’s Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, the only international, legally binding instrument to exist in the field and open to countries worldwide for ratification. The project will promote the existence of the international Macolin Convention globally and encourage countries to become Parties, thus fulfilling a political objective, while more concretely providing technical assistance nationally in the identification, and implementation of effective and coordinated measures to combat the manipulation of sports competitions, based on the principles of the Convention.

Lotteries (GLMS – EL – WLA) are partners to the project and provide assistance and expertise to all its activities.

The project partners after the 2nd advisory committee meeting on 8 March 2019

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