Monitoring & Alerting system

An almost 24/7 service of sharing information among Members on irregular betting patterns. GLMS operational team informs and alerts members each time an irregularity is identified and makes reports to its partners (IOC, UEFA, FIFA, TIU, ESIC, EUROPOL, INTERPOl etc). Input by Members when an alert is generated or direct information on a suspicious match is also of fundamental importance of the efficiency of the monitoring work of GLMS.

GLMS Alerts Methodology & Classification

In order to reach a report, GLMS operation team first generates an alert, each time an irregularity in terms of betting patterns is detected. An alert generated leads to thorough consultation with the GLMS Members, as well as a deep investigation on potential grounds that could justify the irregularity detected in the odds changes. When the irregularity cannot be justified on objective grounds and also the information received from GLMS Members (also regarding the money flows) further indicate an irregularity, then GLMS operation team issues a report.

Results of our Monitoring & Intelligence Work:

Monitoring and Intelligence Reports Archive