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GLMS Contributes to the 3rd IntegriSport Awareness-Raising Seminar in Vilnius

Following the successful awareness-raising workshops in Cyprus (September 2019) and Hungary (October 2019), the 3rd awareness-raising workshop of the IntegriSport ERASMUS+ project took place on 2-4 December 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

More than 40 law enforcement and judicial officials had the chance to receive a full and complete training on issues related to match-fixing, understand how the phenomenon works and how they could contribute to its detection and prevention.

GLMS Deputy General Secretary, Vagelis Alexandrakis, was one of the experts that delivered the training. Vagelis explained the participants how sports betting is regulated as well as policy matters in the field. He notably focused on the Council of Europe Convention on Sport Competition Manipulations and its betting-related provisions. He underlined that its ratification provides states with a concrete legal basis to fight globally against the phenomenon and encouraged Lithuania to intensify its discussions towards the ratification of the Convention and the setting up of a national platform.

Vagelis, after explaining the participants the GLMS intelligence work, he also provided the participants with some concrete examples of how irregular odds movements of a hypothetical match can lead to an alert or report and engaged the participants in relevant case studies and real life scenarios.