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GLMS educational workshop at the Olympic Museum

On 28-29 January 2019 GLMS held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne a training-educational workshop with the objective to train its members to use the GLMS monitoring platform, as well as to raise awareness on good practices of Lotteries closely working with the sports movement at national level, disseminating a culture of integrity. On the occasion, the workshop was organised by GLMS in close coordination with the IOC, highlighting the close relation between Lotteries and the world of Sport at its highest level. Lotteries and national sports organisations were encouraged to take advantage of their close relation at a national level and create further educational programs in the highest interest of Sports Ethics. GLMS Members had also the opportunity to receive a training on ad-hoc education / prevention tools exclusively created by our Integrity Association for its Members. GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi stated: “I am very pleased with the organisation and the success of this educational training event here at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Thanks to this event, our members not only had the chance to further familiarise themselves with our intelligence and monitoring activities, but also were inspired to get more active in education and prevention initiatives, as also recommended by the Council of Europe Convention on the manipulations of Sport Competitions. I was also pleased to see many of our partners, IOC, FIFA, UEFA, INTERPOL and EUROPOL, actively involved in supporting GLMS in the pursue of one of our key strategic objectives – education and prevention – and highlighting how GLMS adds value to their integrity activities”.  Head of OM PCM Unit, Friedrich Martens added: “The Olympic Movement relies heavily on the support of the Lotteries and when it comes to the prevention of competition manipulation, Lotteries through GLMS have been a significant partner of ours. We were pleased to welcome Lotteries across the world at the Olympic Museum and discuss – together with various International Federations and stakeholders – how Lotteries and sport could further join forces in order to mutually cooperate more effectively in the fight against competition manipulation. We look forward to strengthening our cooperation with GLMS towards this direction”.