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GLMS launches betting sponsorship study

GLMS has published its first in-depth study, ‘ A STUDY OF BETTING OPERATORS AND THEIR SPONSORSHIP OF SPORT‘, exploring the impact of betting operators in their sponsorship of sports competitions and teams.

The study is based on GLMS methodology and includes recommendations for ensuring that betting sponsorship has only a positive impact on the health of sports.

A call to action

GLMS issues this study as a call to action in the face of a systemic global problem that, if allowed to continue, will be to the detriment of global society. The vision and mission of GLMS has been since 2017 to safeguard sport Integrity by developing a culture of Integrity and Social Responsibility through various activities in addition to detecting suspicious betting patterns. This includes advising regulators as to what provisions need to be introduced when it comes to legalising sports betting and protecting sports values and sustainable market conditions.

An in-depth look at the Asian betting market, betting operator sponsorships in sports and trends

The study is based on a specific methodology and addresses trends in betting sponsorships, notably within football and basketball, toucing on other sports as well. A special focus is placed on the Asian Betting Market, its background, growth and the potential risks and threats. 

The study takes into account the COVID-19 pandemic, which only highlights the need for more stringent regulation, ensuring that betting sponsorship remain only a positive impact on sports.

The study also looks at facts and figures in a number of countries in Europe, where betting sponsorship is particularly commonplace. 


Regulations and recommendations

The study explores in a snapshot the existing regulations and legislations addressing betting sponsorship of sports, including the recently published UK House of Lords ‘Time to Act to reduce gambling-related harm’, as an illstration of the increasing focus being placed on this issue. 

The study ends with a number of recommendations facilitating the safe practice of betting sponsorship of sports. While this study focuses on the impact of sponsorship and makes recommendations for regulating that element, it is also clear that the gaming industry as a whole is one that merits wider scrutiny from governments, investigative authorities, internet service providers, technology firms and many others besides. Today, some operators are able to layer their business interests to avoid infringement while simultaneously seeking to attract betting losses from some of the poorest people in the world. In the future, it is hoped that more efforts can be made across the breadth of society to curb these activities. 

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