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GLMS President discusses the business of Sports Betting in the US at G2E Betting Symposium

GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi, attended the Sports Betting Symposium at the Global Gaming Expo on October 11th  2018 in Las Vegas, US. Ludovico discussed with a high-level panel of US Sports Leagues and Gaming Industry stakeholders the status of the US Sports Betting legalization process.Ludovico, in his attendance, highlighted how the divergent firm positions of the various key actors could jeopardize the creation of a sustainable regulatory framework in every US State. He emphasized how individual vested interests should necessarily give way to a more constructive, responsible and forward looking approach, which would eventually lead to a sustainable fiscal, operational and commercial environment able to compete against the massive and undetected US black market.The mission to uproot US illegal operators is paramount and should prevail over all since it will without a doubt bring benefit to every individual stakeholder. GLMS promotes regulated and sustainable betting markets and will continue to support and sponsor every effort made in this direction by all public and private stakeholders providing its global experience in the definition of sustainable betting regulatory processes.The full intervention of Ludovico Calvi can be viewed here.