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GLMS publishes its Code of Conduct

GLMS published today its Code of Conduct. The Code applies to everyone engaged with the GLMS family, including members (individual and associate), partners, employees and Executive Committee Members. The Code was unanimously adopted by the GLMS membership base at the GLMS General Meeting in Buenos Aires on November 20. Although the Code might not address every issue that might arise, it seeks to provide a solid foundation for making good decisions.GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi has stated: “Competent and effective performance is critical to our success, but just as important is how we go about achieving results – with honesty , transparency and respect, without taking shortcuts, and by operating ethically and with integrity in all that we do. The adoption of the present Code not only, once again, demonstrates that GLMS Members - Lotteries take their responsibility towards society in serious, but also proves the real commitment of the entire GLMS family to making zero compromises when it comes to the integrity of any step we take in our daily activity and operations”. The Code also includes recommendations towards Lottery-Members regarding their Sports Betting operations. These recommendations, which should be seen as complementary to the jurisdictional, legal and regulatory requirements within each national jurisdiction, address numerous relevant issues, such as protection of minors, cautious selection of events and betting types to be offered, avoidance of conflict of interests, obligation to report suspicious betting activity, contribution to good causes, etc. They are also in line with the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions.In addition, the Code outlines the corporate ethics principles and guidelines mandatory for all employees and ExCo members of GLMS, and the core ethical principles of respect, equity and non-discrimination, effectiveness, honesty, loyalty, transparency, responsibility, legality, impartiality and integrity, governing the behaviour and everyday professional conduct of all those who belong to the GLMS family. LINKS:Click here to read the GLMS Code of Conduct