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GLMS signs agreement with the CoE to contribute to Group of Copenhagen’s monitoring activities

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) and the Council of Europe have signed on June 22 an informal memorandum of understanding regarding the cooperation between GLMS and the Group of Copenhagen (GoC), the network of national platform created by the Council of Europe, as per article 13 of the  Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions CETS 215.The cooperation mainly concerns the contribution of GLMS to the experimental phase of the GoC’ LogBook. The LogBook has been created as part of the activities of the Group of Copenhagen, to coordinate the receipt and exchange of alerts among the national platforms participating in the Group. GLMS and the Council of Europe will be also working together towards the support of individual national platforms as well.GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi states: “GLMS has been very actively and effectively cooperating with the Council of Europe and we are excited to further combine forces at global level with reference to the significant initiative of the Group of Copenhagen and the experimental phase of its operational LogBook. We are looking forward to making our best efforts to contributing to its development and success». Convention Secretary, Mikhael de Thyse, adds«GLMS has showed a strong support to all activities of the Convention Secretariat, including the KCOOS+ project, and we are convinced that GLMS’ network, expertise and experience will play a significant role to the efficient development and activities of the GoC’s LogBook as well».