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GLMS statement on Independent Interim report on tennis integrity

The Interim Report of the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis was published on Wednesday April 25. In February 2016, the ATP, the WTA, the ITF, and the Grand Slam Board, appointed an Independent Review Panel to address betting-related and other integrity issues facing the sport. The Panel conducted an Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis, addressing the nature and extent of the problem over time and submitted its Interim Report on April 25.The panel recosnises the positive actions taken by the sport to address the integrity issues but also its vulnerabilities, particularly at lower category levels. The Interim Report provides 12 recommendations which include the establishment of a restructured, more independent TIU, enhanced education and prevention, expanded rules, and greater co-operation and collaboration with the betting sector and  sports community. The Panel also urges the relevant national authorities to ratify and implement the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions.GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi, has stated: "With a general commitment to integrity, GLMS welcomes the decision of the tennis governing bodies to proceed to an independent review. The recommendations included in the Interim Report go in the right direction and GLMS will be further contributing in the consultation with concrete inputs and suggestions. We are particularly pleased about  the proposal for further cooperation of the TIU with betting operators, the need for betting expertise within the TIU, as well as the recommendation for the entry into force of the macolin Convention. We look forward to consolidating our joint effort with the TIU to safeguard the integrity of this wonderful sport".LINKS: 
  • Read the full Interim report here.