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GLMS VP highlights the importance and added-value of GLMS at the ICE Sports Betting USA

GLMS Vice-President and HKJC Head of Trading, Rupert Bolingbroke, joined on November 28 a panel of high-level officials at the ICE Sports Betting USA Conference. Rupert had the chance to discuss key matters related to the integrity of sports and underline the added-value of GLMS, as a global lottery alliance, in safeguarding the integrity of sports competitions.Rupert had indeed the chance to comment on a wide range of relevant topics, underlining the importance of monitoring betting patters, referring to GLMS as a good practice. Rupert underlined that GLMS thanks to its 2 operational hubs and full-time analysts has significantly leveraged the value of its operations, generating numerous alerts and producing detailed reports on request of its 31 members and well-respected partners.Rupert, who provided expert witness testimony in two CAS match-fixing cases which led to sanctions against both defendants, also stressed the importance of monitoring alerts being used as acceptable evidence in courts' proceedings, as well as relevant analysts having a role of expert-witnesses in the process. He added that the unique value of GLMS also consists in the feedback received from 31 members across the globe, giving extra value and credibility to the alerts and reports generated.Rupert also underlined that concrete measures against illegal sports betting, accompanied by a strong sports betting regulatory framework is key in the fight against sports corruption and added that cooperation among all stakeholders (betting, sport, law enforcement) and the creation of an environment of trust in each jurisdiction would be of the utmost importance.