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Project Joint Statement by IntegriSport Next Erasmus+ Partners

It is a proven fact that sport manipulation and other related criminal activities that negatively impact sport, such as corruption, fraud, money laundering and conspiracy, inter alia- constitute a complex phenomenon for all athletes and those working in the sports field. We are all aware of the seriousness of this, as well its impact on the development, economic viability, and credibility of sport and public order. 

Therefore, we express our determination to continue working to raise awareness of the risks and threats related to the manipulation of sports competitions. We also endeavor to build an environment, which is free from criminal infiltration and corruption, one with a solid foundation of ethics and social responsibility through an approach inclusive of our different stakeholders, notably recognizing the important role that law enforcement and the judiciary play in achieving this outcome. 

IntegriSport Next Erasmus+ is a vehicle that works towards the achievement of these goals. It has focused its efforts on divulging specific knowledge to law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities, facilitating valuable exchanges of experiences, bringing us all closer together to tackle this phenomenon with greater combined strength. The project has enabled participants to engage, exchange and develop strategies in the fight against sports manipulations, in line with the spirit of the International Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (the Macolin Convention), as well as other relevant legal documents, such as the UNODC Resolutions 7/8 and 8/4, which demonstrate the determination of public authorities to fight against corruption in sport.   

As partners of this project, we also acknowledge that to fight against these threats in an effective manner, we need to address the problem from the root, starting with good governance principles and close cooperation to enhance our efforts and contribute to an effective mutual exchange of information, experiences, thus strengthening our synergies in the national and international contexts. 

Therefore, we welcome this opportunity to be part of the group of the 17 European country partners and international partner organizations that make up the IntegriSport Community and grown since its first edition in 2019, as a massive step forward in the implementation of coordinated actions and integrity policies against the manipulation of sports competitions. 

We strongly encourage any effort to continue cooperation at the national and international level and the creation of national and international partnerships. Consequently, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the continuation of the project in its third edition from 2023-2024 to encourage the new project partners to continue joining forces to develop policies and strategies that can mitigate this problem. 

Project Partners

The Cyprus Police
Estonian Police
Border Guard Board Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS)Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia
The Malta Police Force
Swedish Sports Confederation
KU Leuven
GLMS – The Global Lottery Monitoring System (now ULIS)
CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity
FIFPro, Fédération Internationale des Footballeurs Professionnelles, Division Europe