Other projects & Initiatives

Over the last years, a big number of projects have been carried out in the field of sport competition manipulations. The vast majority of these projects have received funding from the EU funding programme ERASMUS+

A list of all ERASMUS+ projects that have received funding in the field of sports integrity / sport competition manipulations can be found here.

A list of prominent projects in the field of sport competition manipulations:

The project is led by the EOC EU Office and is supported by the IOC. Its objective is to help National Olympic Committees, European Federations and national sport federations in Europe to safeguard the integrity of their sport(s) and to strengthen their governance. The specific objective is to develop a structure and system of ‘Single Points of Contact for Integrity’ within National Olympic Committees and European federations.

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  • The ERASMUS+ funded project PROTECT INTEGRITY+ is a continuation of the “2016 PROtect Integrity” Erasmus+ project which provided face-to-face education to close to 15,000 European elite level and youth athletes in 11 countries.
  • The PROTECT INTEGRITY+ beyond the education to athletes also includes the promotion of a whistle-blowing line.

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INTERPOL and the IOC carry out out a wide range of national and regional joint training sessions to raise awareness and build capacity within law enforcement and sports organizations to facilitate effective investigations into competition manipulation.

As part of the first period of their partnership (2015 – 2017), INTERPOL and the IOC organized 30 tailor-made capacity building training events involving 46 different countries, with some 1,100 participants trained.

The partnership was renewed in July 2018 and already a number of trainings have been carried out.

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Development and implementation of effective reporting mechanisms for use in sport

UNODC and the IOC are working together towards the development of a handbook with the ultimate aim of assisting sports organizations, governments, and relevant stakeholders in the development and implementation of effective reporting mechanisms for use in sport.

For this purpose in February over 40 international experts from Government, Sports Organizations, academia and the private sector gathered today at the headquarters of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to reflect on how to develop effective mechanisms to promote reporting of unethical, illicit and illegal activities linked to sport.

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